Benefits to you

1. The pinnacle of energy efficiency

When it comes to choosing energy efficient lights, the decision usually comes down to LEDs and CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) bulb. But LEDs have the edge. Some LEDs can use up to 90% less energy that traditional incandescent bulbs and last 25% longer. LEDs even outdo CFL bulbs in efficiency, mainly because they have double the lifespan.

So why are LEDs so much more efficient than incandescent and CFL bubs?  It comes down to the direction of the light. LEDs emit light in a targeted direction rather than dispersing it in all directions, and they don’t require or emit high levels of heat. You can expect 80% of the energy to be emitted as light and 20% to be released as heat. In contrast, CFL and incandescent bulbs release between 80% and 90% of their energy as heat. The efficiency of LED lighting is rising fast, so by replacing conventional incandescent bulbs with LED lights, you are actively reducing your energy consumption and reducing your impact on the environment.

2. New dimension in LED design

LED lights have been around for years, but only recently have they been designed for domestic use. In the past they had a reputation for giving off poor light, but we are seeing exciting developments in LED lighting and a phenomenal improvement in light output. You no longer need to compromise on bright lights to get exceptional energy efficiency. Some leading Australian companies are releasing architecturally designed LED lights, making them a more attractive choice for renovations or additions. You can choose LED downlights that are modern and sleek, and are designed to go anywhere where halogen downlights are used. LED strip lights can be used for recessed lighting, architectural lighting,  windows and archways. The list is endless, and it’s growing.