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A  great outdoor space is about clever design.

1. Go for a timber deck

If you’re after creating a style statement than timber decking is just for you! Installing a deck is cost-effective way to add flavour to any outdoor living area.

Materials:  You have a choice of using durable hardwoods such as blackbutt or softwoods such as treated pine. Most commonly used among  the designers is the Spotted gum and Tallowwood. Teak, although a little more expensive because of it’s durability and it’s weathering benefits,  is one of the best decking timbers on the market.
Given their natural resistant  to termites, Australian hardwood species are a great decking option.

Finishing: The finishing on your deck really depends on individual preference, for a rich lustre finish, we recommend you oil the decking, or you can simply have the timber weather naturally. It is important to note how much maintenance you are prepared to complete when deciding on finishing. For example: an oiled deck, to remain looking rich, will require, re-application once to twice a year (depending on how regularly it is used).

Design: Like any inside space, you should take the same approach for an outdoor living area. Simple design with maximum usage. An area for eating/socialising and comfortable bold furniture are a must. If you like to host a slightly bigger gathering, consider deep and wide stairs that can be used for seating, top it all off with some in-built lighting to create a relaxed environment.

2. Shade arrangements 

For any outdoor area, shade is essential and is ideal if it can be created naturally. If you’re after a cost effective method, vegetation or a well positioned tree work well. Other options, depending if your area faces north, south, east or west, include a Pergola (with a perspex roof which stands a defence against rain), Plasterboard Ceilings, Timber Slats or even an oversized umbrella, a great look for spring and summer.

3. Furniture Settings

Out with the old, in with the new! Outdoor furniture trends have recently shifted to a more casual approach with comfortable seating as opposed to formal dining.

Consider Comfort: With the vast range of outdoor settings, it is easy to get lost in which to choose, when deciding, keep in mind that comfort comes first. Choose the setting that best fits your lifestyle and don’t restrict yourself for the norm, consider other seating options, such as; swinging chairs, hammocks or even beanbags!

Ideal Fabrics: Because of it’s style and durability, Synthetic Wicker remains a popular choice. Shop around for the best deal, there are fantastic cushion options with solution-dyed acrylic fabrics that work well too.

4. Keep it bright

If your outdoor area is starting to look less sophisticated, especially if your decoration arrangements were completed over a year ago, it’s time you injected splashes of colour to create a sense of excitement. This cost effective method to counteract the inevitable weathering process, is great for those who like to keep it fresh. Update your lifeless space by adding some bright pillows, paint a courtyard wall  or even replace the bench of your barbecue.

Paint: Vibrant greens that are influenced by nature  and shades of purple and indigo are this seasons outdoor colour trends. It is important to plan carefully before you paint, consider what paint finishes works best for you, finishes that have a textured or an aged look are currently popular.

5. Store it Smarter

Get the most out of your outdoor living area. If your outdoor area is small, than built-in furniture is ideal for saving space. Use the same timber as your decking to create a beach or even consider bench seats that open up to provide extra storage for kid’s toys, garden essentials or even to put away the cushions when they’re not used.


On Reflection !!
This stunning kitchen looks twice the size as it is reflected in the over-size free standing mirror !!
Reflective surfaces bounce light around an area that could be construed to be dark but the overall feel is of a bright and dramatic work and entertaining space.
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