On Reflection !!
This stunning kitchen looks twice the size as it is reflected in the over-size free standing mirror !!
Reflective surfaces bounce light around an area that could be construed to be dark but the overall feel is of a bright and dramatic work and entertaining space.

Separating rooms


A great way to use cabinets to separate rooms … so clean and gives the sense of space

In the office.

Home office have come a long way, and if you had to be working in your home office today this  creative space would be a pleasure to work in !!

IMG_2432 - Copy

If you’re in a small space, thinking efficiently is essential.  If possible, take advantage of the third dimension and purchase a front-loading washer and dryer that use a stacking kit or wall mounts to get up off the ground and out of the way. Even with a larger laundry, you’ll still want to maximise your use of available space. Think about using under bench appliances to minimise clutter and leave you with more room in which to work.

There’s a reason why the majority of laundries are done up in clinical white.  It’s simple, clean and bright, just the way you want a laundry to be.


Using Timber

Creating a continuous flow from the indoors to an outdoor space is a popular home renovation project, with timer the natural choice to create a unified look. Making the most of its north east rear orientation, a three bedroom semi-detached home proves the perfect canvas to extend the living area to the garden.

The alteration and addition to the existing house incorporated new hardwood timber flooring and decking, with floor to ceiling bi-fold doors opening up the space and adding maximum light and airiness to the modestly sized home.



Timber by Boral

This is one of my personal favorites. Tiles can bring the wood look into bathrooms – even the shower recess (which is one place I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable putting real wood!), and the hardness of tiles takes away any concerns about floors getting dented or marked by shoes and furniture.

One reason all the tiles in the Better Than range have been so popular and successful is that they still have the massive range of variation that makes the natural products that inspired them so attractive in the first place. Take a closer look at the pictures below, and you’ll be hard pressed to find two identical tiles in any of them!

These tiles are available form Beaumont Tiles.


Scale + Symmetry = Elegant’s

These stunning windows could completely dominate the room scheme but clever use of both scale and symmetry ensures that this is not the case. The use of green accessories helps bring the colours from the garden inside uniting the space.image

Roof Terrace

The perfect location for breakfast/lunch /supper/coffee/afternoon tea ….. you get the idea – The Perfect Location – great spot for
for those warm summer evenings.


Quick tip:

Timber is a natural product that needs to breathe. If you intend to have timber floorboards in your home allow the timber live and acclimatise to the environment in which it will be installed. This will mean having the flooring delivered approximately a week before you intend to install (for some even longer).